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Protecting Your New Home During Holiday Hosting

We know it’s only October, but with the crisp air and pumpkin-flavored everything hitting the stores, we’re already dreaming of the holidays! If you’ve recently built a new home, chances are good you’ll be hosting some, if not all, of the holiday festivities this year. Most people like to keep their new homes looking just that - new. The good news is we have some tips for you to help protect your new place AND show it off this holiday season, all while providing fun and comfort to your guests! Here are two practical ways to protect your home, and four ways to provide the ultimate holiday experiences for your guests.

Keep the Drinks Light… in Color


If you want to keep that beautiful new carpet just that - beautiful and new - you might want to consider accidental spills at your holiday parties. There are two suggestions we have for this - keep the drinks light so it won’t stain, or, if you really want to have darker colored beverages, restrict them to the kitchen or hardwood areas. While it might feel a little awkward to request this, it won’t be received this way - the majority of people understand! You also can set up all food and beverages in an area that won’t stain and encourage party goers to enjoy their plates and drinks in a designated area with pre-set tables and chairs. Guests tend to mingle near the food, so you can control the majority of flow by putting appetizers where you want them consumed!

Protect Your Carpet

If you’re concerned about foot traffic on your carpet, provide inexpensive footwear for your guests (i.e. slippers, shoe coverings, or fun holiday socks) for your guests to wear throughout your home during your holiday celebration. These also serve as great gifts or party favors!


Give Them Space

Chances are your guests will bring coats and other cold-weather accessories. Make space near your front door, or in a coat closet or bedroom, for your guests to leave the bulky articles out of the way. After all, a party can't really begin if everyone still has their coats on, can it?

Just in Case, Always Prepare for Out-of-Town Guests


Prepare your guest bedrooms with freshly washed sheets and towels.  You also can include a “Just In Case” basket in the bathroom and fill it with everyday toiletries, such as travel size tooth paste, toothbrushes, shampoo, lotion, soaps, etc. It’s safe to say that everyone has left at least one of these items when they were traveling, especially to another family member’s home. Since your guest is doing the traveling, this “Just In Case” basket is a caring touch in welcoming them to your new home! 

Local Tour Guide

If you have out-of-town guests staying with you, consider making a list of fun hang out spots and delicious restaurants they should try! Include places to shop, cafes, bars, donut shops and more. Keep this list handy for when everyone is asking, “What should we do today?” and you will be everyone’s hero.

Decorate Your Home

Whether you’re hosting a party or guests that are staying for the holidays, don’t forget to decorate your new home! Holiday decorations are a great addition to turn a house into a home during this special time of the year. Everyone will appreciate the warmth of the holidays with your décor.


Hosting the holidays can be a stressful situation, especially when you’re wanting to protect your beautiful new home. With some simple precautions and caring forethought you can enjoy a fun and festive holiday season - for both your guests AND you!