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Best New Home Features for Pets

Americans love their pets!  So much so that a new trend in the home-building process is to consider your furry friend in your decisions. Maybe people are having luxurious and easy-to-clean living environments for their four-legged buddies built into their homes! If you have a dog or cat and are thinking about building a home (or even adding on to your current home), then read on for a few fun ideas: you may find some fun and inspiring projects that make you and your pets’ lives more fun and functional!


Pet Suites


Standard Pacific Homes, one of the country’s largest homebuilding companies, announced it will begin offering a new option in the home building process: a 170-square-foot pet suite. Amenities include a washing station, pet dryer, automated feeder, toy cabinet, and French doors leading to a puppy run.  These pet suites are fun ways to pamper your dog and make your life easier! Everything you need to care for your pet is easily accessible in one room.

Dog Windows

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 1.23.09 PM.png

Pamper your pooch with views of the outside world. Some pet owners include windows in the bottom half of their doors, so their dogs can see outside. There are different height options available to match the needs of your furry friend. Some homeowners even install two windows: one for taller dogs, and one for the shorter ones. It’s a fun way to give your dog a glimpse into the outside world and help eliminate boredom!

Outdoor Dog Areas

Wading pools, dog runs, K9 grass (artificial grass designed especially for dogs that’s easier to clean!), outdoor showers and more: customize an outdoor area for what your doggy pal likes the most! Some owners even equip fully automated doors that are activated by electronic collars, so when your dog wants to come inside or head outdoors, he is able to let himself in or out whether you’re home or not! It makes having to worry about rushing home to let the dog outside a thing of the past.


Under-Stair Litter Box Enclosure

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Most cat owners with an unfinished basement put the cat’s litter box downstairs, effectively making the basement the cat’s domain and creating a very unhappy cat when and if the homeowner tries to finish the basement. An effective solution is an under-the-stairs “room” to hide the litter box to give the cat privacy and establish a room just for the cat!

Storage drawers can also be built into the enclosure, creating a good way to house toys, food and other necessities. You can easily access the litter box for cleaning, but close the enclosure up to hide the mess!

Built-in Stairs and High Ledges

Screen Shot 2019-05-03 at 1.28.20 PM.png

An increasingly common trend for cat owners is finding a way to stimulate their cats with ledges and places to play, sit, and sleep that are up high. Some homeowners install ledges close to their ceilings for cats to run around on, or small stairs for them to climb. This gives them a healthy and non-destructive place to play that eliminates boredom and can keep them from destroying furniture. Ledges are out-of-the way and easy to install. Some homeowners also opt for tunnels in strategic places throughout the house (that are easy-to-access in case the cat gets into trouble).

These examples may be a bit more than some homeowners want to invest into for their pets: however, you can always opt for pieces of them such as a dog shower or a built-in dog bed. We know how much people love their pets, though, and wouldn’t be surprised to see even more home building companies offering pet-friendly options throughout the coming years! Which pet upgrade would you and your furry friend like? We know our AJ dog Ozzie would enjoy feeling pampered with a doggie suite!