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6 Reasons Why We Love Home Additions

Do you love your home, but dream of more space? Want a new look, but a remodel won’t cut it? Many homeowners turn to adding a home addition for these very reasons. It’s easier than moving, you can stay in the house you love, and you can upgrade your home while adding more space! Today we’re going to look at six reasons adding a home addition is a great idea.


1. More space

If you’re feeling tight in your current house, or just want some extra room to explore additional hobbies, an addition could be a perfect idea for you, especially if you love your current house! You can add up or out (meaning build off the main floor, or add an upstairs), and get the exact amount of space you want. Expand your kitchen, add a master suite, or add new rooms entirely.  You don’t have to deal with packing, moving, upheaving your family, finding a new house, and then the task of fixing the new house to what you want. If you have what you want, but you need extra room, additions are the way to go. 

2. House extra people

Do you have another kid on the way, but suddenly you’re finding your current house cramped? Do you want to have a parent, family member, or friend move in with you, but not sure where to put them? There are more kids moving back home, and more elders moving in with their children than ever before! If you have the space, additions can include an entire bedroom and bathroom (if plumbing allows), allowing you to have ample room for the family member you want to move in with you. When it comes to family, you can’t attach a price tag. 

3. Add value

Certain home additions, done the right way, can add value to your home in the long run. If you are building a home addition with the goal of increasing your home’s value, we highly recommend contacting us to help walk you through it.

4. Additional income

If you choose to build a full bedroom and bathroom, you could also rent out the additional space. Some homeowners are choosing to do this to help with income every month. Depending on the space you have, you could even separate the addition from the house and create a little apartment to rent!


5. Save money

Home additions can be cheaper than moving. If you love your current house, but need more space, extra rooms, a bigger kitchen, etc, a cheaper and easier way could be to put an addition on. Moving also comes with the hassle of packing, uprooting your life, and trying to find a new house. An addition allows you to stay put and still get the space and finishes you desire. 

6. You get what YOU want!

Short of building a custom home, an addition is the best thing to do to get exactly what YOU want. The right amount of space, the right layout, and all the right finishes! It’s easier and will save you a lot of headaches to start from scratch instead of trying to find a space and transform it into what you want. No matter what the room or space you have in your mind, we can help you bring it to life to create your dream home!

Additions are a great idea to take your house from a house you love to the perfect house for you. If you think a home addition could be a good route for you, don’t hesitate to contact us! We are experts at helping develop your idea and bring it to life - in your price range, with your vision, and with your end goal in mind.