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5 Signs it’s Time to Build

The decision to build a new home isn’t always an easy one to make or a fast conclusion to come to. Sometimes it can take people a while to decide to make the leap. Here in the Tri-Cities, new homes are being built at a fast rate, and it’s no wonder why! A new, custom home can grant you the floor plan and creative choices that are perfect for your family. While no one can tell you it’s time to take the plunge except for you, these are 5 signs that we can think of that can help you know it’s likely time to consider a new build.


1. You are financially secure and have the funds to build

Building a home without financial security can take the excitement out of the entire process. Settling into your newly built place should be comfortable and fun, not full of worry or remorse. If you’re worrying how you’re going to pay for your new house, it’ll make having one a potential burden and stressor instead of a sanctuary, like your home is supposed to be. Unexpected building expenses often crop up along the way, too. Don’t force your way into a new home just for the sake of having a new home. Part of being financially stable means you can comfortably live in, and maintain, your new home.

Don’t yet have the financial means? Start a savings plan. Take a look at your spending habits and cut back where you can. Once you have a established the means to cover a down payment, monthly home payments, and unexpected expenses without being house poor, your journey as a homebuilder will be the experience you deserve.

2. You’ve outgrown your current living space


Maybe your first home was simply a great starter home. Maybe your family has grown. Maybe your closets are stuffed full, no matter how often you purge unused items.  Regardless of the reason, outgrowing your home or apartment should be viewed as an opportunity, not a factor that causes you stress. Now is the time that you get to move on to a home you really love! Living in a space that you’ve outgrown can afford you some awesome insights, too: now you know how much space you need and for what, and maybe you even have an idea of floor plans that do and don’t work for you. The really cool thing about building your home is that you can have a say in the design and the floor plan! It’s a cool opportunity to get in on the ground floor and really customize your home. 

3. Your current home isn’t your style

Just as your palette can change throughout your life, so can your taste in home style. Renovations and additions are great options to change up your living space, and are definitely worth considering! However, sometimes a fresh start in a completely different home is just what you're looking for. It might be easier (and more fun) to completely change your home by building a new one with exactly what you want instead of trying to replace everything you currently have. With AJ, you get the options to be creative with things like floor plan choices, finishes, and colors throughout the entire process!

4. You’re wanting a new neighborhood


Sometimes you realize you REALLY want a home in a more kid-friendly neighborhood after you have kids. Or maybe you don’t have kids and you want a quieter place! Or a place closer to the city, or closer to the river, or more rural with space to grow. There are a lot of reasons to desire a new neighborhood, and a very plausible reason for wanting to build a new home!

5. You simply don’t feel at home

Is your current home adequate in space and style but not adequate in providing a true sense of home? Sometimes it’s hard to pinpoint exactly what that feels like in words - but you know it when you feel it. 

Your home should feel safe and welcome. A place you feel your happiest and most expressive. A sanctuary for your family. This reason alone is enough to consider building your own custom home.  

Whether you know for sure what kind of a home you want, or you’re still trying to decide, at AJ we can help you by drawing up exactly the kind of house you want, or talking you through your options and helping you decide. Your home is one of the biggest financial commitments you’ll make in your lifetime. It’s important to us that it’s a smooth, exciting process that ends with you getting the custom home YOU want. With our expertise and your vision, your perfect home is closer than you think!