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Cool Ideas for Your Kitchen Remodel

Thinking of doing a kitchen remodel, or building a new house? The kitchen is oftentimes called the heartbeat of the home, meaning it’s where a lot of time is spent! You cook, eat, and often hangout with family and friends in the kitchen, so having an open, inviting space is really important to a lot of homeowners. There are thousands of options and different ways to style your kitchen. We compiled a short list of some of the current trends that we thought were fun and functional! Check them out below. Maybe you’ll find something to add in to your next kitchen redo!


People have strong opinions on whether they love or hate open shelving, but let us make a case for it. You can pair open shelving with closed cabinets in your kitchen, and use the open shelving for everyday items, like plates, glasses and more. It makes it easier to grab what you need, and the open shelves give an illusion of a larger kitchen. Plus, this is a fun way to add personality to your kitchen! You can style the shelves and add decor to bring a homey feel to your kitchen!



Add the dishwasher into your island, too, because doing dishes is a whole lot more enjoyable when you’re not staring at a wall! Clean-up is a breeze if you can do it while entertaining or having a conversation with the rest of the household. This upgrade is pretty and functional, and will take part of the pain of doing the dishes away.



The possibilities for this are endless. No matter your kitchen size, layout, or how many awkward angles or doors you have opening into the kitchen, you can find functional, beautiful and smart kitchen storage ideas that work for you! Shelves that pull out, utensil cabinets, built-in spice racks, paper towel nooks; seriously, like we said, the possibilities are endless. So figure out which awkward kitchen pot/pan/appliance that you have that you’d like to tuck away in easy-to-access place, and we bet we can find a solution for you!



Okay, this one is definitely more fun than functional. If you have lower ceilings, then consider an open light like the ones in this picture below. It makes the space seem bigger because you can see through them, instead of taking up space with a closed-off light!



This one is awesome for when you’re cooking or entertaining and you find that you can’t plug all your appliances in at once. It simply pops up to provide double the power for everything you need! When you’re done, push it back down to hide it and clean up your space. 



Pop your dish out of the oven and into one of these awesome drawers, that usually sit across from the cooktop and kitty-corner to ovens. They keep your food warm and sanitary until you’re ready to serve!



Tuck your coffeemaker, toaster, and other small appliances away and shut the door! It creates a cleaner looking kitchen while utilizing an often-wasted corner space of your countertop.



Of course, our favorite upgrade to add to your kitchen, the kitchen island. It’s functional and beautiful! Adding one to your space creates more storage, more counter space, more seating areas, and more awesome places for your family and friends to gather. You can really do any size, color, or countertop - making it fully personal to your taste and your space. The kitchen island trend has been on the rise lately, and with it’s versatility, we don’t anticipate it going anywhere anytime soon! 


Truthfully, we could spend hours compiling lists of cool kitchen upgrades and storage ideas. The sky is the limit when it comes to customizing your kitchen for your needs! We’ve done some pretty amazing remodels over the years with some awesome upgrades, so if you’re in the market to remodel or custom build, we can help you develop the best plan for YOUR best kitchen!