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Basement remodels bring great return on investment

Why remodel your basement?

Frequently, homeowners feel that they are outgrowing their current living situation or that they'd just like more space. Usually that means the hassle and costs of moving. Consider this instead: the solution might be right under your feet - literally.

Basements are typically about one third of the entire home's available space. That's a lot of extra square footage you could be utilizing! The majority of these basement spaces are used as laundry rooms, home offices, and storage dumping grounds for everything from spare freezers, pantries, or even just random things that didn't fit elsewhere in the house. Most basements are underused.

So why remodel your basement instead of adding on to the main level or just seeking a bigger house? There are several benefits:

  • There is no need to excavate for new footings or worry about structural loads because the bones of the basement already exist.
  • Utilities (including water, electricity, gas and sewer lines) are usually close to the basement, further reducing costs.
  • Heating and cooling loads are a lot lighter for basements, which means you'll save more money with these bills.
  • Basements almost always have stairs leading to them already, so no need to put those in!


If those reasons alone weren't enough, consider this: In the Pacific Northwest, basement remodels get a whopping 102% return on investment. That means for every $100 you spend on the basement remodel, you will get $102 back out of it!


There are many different remodel and finishing projects you can do in your basement that will add value as well as function, whether it's an in-law suite, a playroom, extra bedrooms or even just a large media room. Contact AJ Construction and Development today for a free estimate!




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