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Complete Home Overhaul

2014 is off to a great start for AJ Development! One of the first projects for the year was the renovation of this 2460 sq. ft. house. The remodel completely transformed the house, taking it from outdated and run-down and giving it a “new build” feel and look. The work also made the home more energy efficient.

                   Right side of the home before renovation

The house was originally built in 1964 and was constructed of cinder blocks. There was no insulation installed in the house. This meant that there was no protection from the weather, and whatever was going on outside often was the same – or worse – inside. It was extremely cold and drafty during the winter months, and sweltering hot during the summer. The clients stated that when the infamous Tri-Cities wind blew outside, it didn’t stop at the house – it went right through the walls and brought all the cold inside right along with it!


                                                                         Front of the home before renovation

                                                             Left side of the home before renovation

                              Removing the old windows

AJ Development started by removing the old, single-pane windows. These old windows didn’t open and provided little to no protection. They were replaced with high-quality, modern windows to make the home not only look and feel nicer, but to create a more energy efficient living environment. The original front door was inconveniently placed, so during construction it was moved four feet toward the center of the home. This created an overall better flow to the house. A new side window was cut into the wall and added to provide more light inside. The old decks were rickety and falling apart. Not only were they a safety concern but they were an eyesore, so they were removed to make room for new, bigger, safe decks.

 Cutting in the new front door

Once the windows and decks were removed, AJ Development framed, insulated and installed new siding to the house. Two composite decks were built on the side and the front of the home and a new sliding glass door was installed so the owners could utilize the Tri-Cities’ outdoor season. A new, energy efficient front door was added to the house in its new location.


                                     Framed and insulated – ready for windows and siding

Thanks to all new materials and a complete overhaul of the house with new insulation, there will be no more wind or harsh elements getting in! An added bonus, say the clients, is being able to actually open their front windows to enjoy the outdoors and let breezes in on warmer days. They are happy as long as they can shut the wind back out again with the close of a window!

Finished view of the front of the house:

AJ Development moved the door to create a pleasing flow, installed new energy-efficient windows, and replaced the old, worn deck with a composite deck with custom railing



Side view of the finished remodel

                                                           New composite deck with built-in benches

Thank you to the homeowners for allowing us to be a part of this awesome renovation!


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